Rudolf Péter

“I have had the pleasure to toil my way through some constructions, reconstructions and renovations over the past few decades. The term “toil” perhaps expresses best what this takes in Hungary. You “go to war..” against the armies of imponderability, laymen’s dilettantism, trickery and mockery One rarely feels firm ground beneath one’s feet during these times. This is why it is particularly pleasing to find yourself working with a well organised team. Your are almost flabbergasted to see the mem turn up on time at the place previously agreed. The products, its quality, colour, dimensions, etc. are exactly as agreed beforehand. If you come up with a new idea or request, it provoked brainstorming instead of creating a chaos. One could of course say this is all natural, but unfortunately one can’t say that as a general statement! My joy points far beyond than that of a customer’s, as these are the these when I see it proven that it is not impossible to create yourself a brand name with commitment, love for your work and a proper sense of honour. Upon seeing this, one is once again tempted to believe that an honest man’s quality work pays dividends after all. I thank Németh fa’s team the help and assistance they have provided for all my minor and major projects over the last decade! Thanks, Laci!”


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