Timber frame houses


Prefabricated custom wood frames assembled at site provide the greatest latitude to meet customer and designer requirements.

The custom frame structures assembled on site can be produced in fully customized form, according to customer and designer requirements concerning the layout of the building, its mass, the frame structure, the order of layers of the wall and its cladding.



In terms of its structural design, a timber frame structured panel building is identical to custom frame structures buildings, except prefabrication at the workshop does not only extend to trimming the frame structure; fully assembled wall, floor and roof panels may be prefabricated at the workshop instead with the panels “only” assembled at site.

With the help of this technology, on-site implementation time may be reduced as the assembled panels arrive to the site with partial or full cladding, thermal insulation with doors and windows built-in. The shorter implementation time on site also suggests lower specific total costs as well.

The panel prefabrication technology on the other hand means greater design constraints and turns on-site assembly into a special task requiring greater expertise.

Raw material: Both the custom frame structure and panel technologies use kiln dried pine sawntimber and the finger jointed and laminated KVH® – Konstruktionsvollholz – meaning “solid structural timber” as raw materials.

Structural connections: Conventional carpentry joints reinforced with the help of bolts and nails.

Structural thickness: The newly implemented thermal regulations can be met by building in 15 cm and 22 cm of conventional thermal insulation material into the wall structures and floor and roof structures respectively. It is advisable to make room for this minimum thickness of thermally insulated material in the frame structure, i.e. to design the wall and floor frame structures with thicknesses of 15 cm and 22 cm respectively.

Claddings: When selecting the order of layers and materials for the interior and exterior cladding, a host of combinations are possible, taking into account the various customer and designer requirements and the fire protection and other regulations.


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