Lightweight construction houses

Lightweight house

Unique timber-frame buildings

The prefabricated and assembled on-site custom wooden frame structure gives you the freedom to meet your customer or designer needs.

We can produce a custom timber frame home, assembled on site, the design of the timber frame structure and the layering of the wall, in a completely customized design, tailored to the client’s and designer’s requirements.

Large panel buildings

The structural design is the same as that of the individual timber-frame buildings, but here the on-site prefabrication does not only include the frame structure, but complete assembled wall, board and roof panels can be prefabricated on-site and “only” the panels are assembled on-site.
This technology can shorten the construction time on site, as the assembled panels arrive on site with insulation, partial or full cladding. The shorter on-site construction time is also likely to result in lower unit cost.

The panels are manufactured in a factory hall, under a roof, so they are not exposed to the weather elements, guaranteeing high quality.

Raw materials:

  • KVH – longitudinally joined, kiln-dried spruce beams
  • kiln-dried planks – kiln-dried pine timber
Frequently asked questions
Do you have a complete video of a large panel house being built?