About us

Our manufactory is located in Lenti, Hungary, where we produce our quality wooden products, but you can also find us in our showroom in Budapest. We are a leading manufacturer of wooden and wood-alu doors and windows, offering our customers quality and innovative products. We use the most modern technologies and the highest quality materials in the production of each product. The design of timber structures in CAD and the accurate tailoring on the Hundegger K2i machine allows for a very precise and efficient way to build wooden houses, timber structures and roof structures. Hard wood flooring are made of oak. We produce sawmill products efficiently in our robotised sawmill, so you can also turn to us for quality raw materials. Sustainability plays an important role at Németh-Fa, the wood chips and sawdust waste generated are recycled and wood pellets are produced.


Our company was founded in 1990. We are passionate about constant innovation and renewal, we use the latest CNC technologies to produce our quality products. Whether it is a wooden window or door, a hard wood floor, a roof structure or even a dream house, we can make your individual ideas a reality. We put the customer’s needs first. Our professionals working to make sure you get the best from us! Have a look around our constantly updated website!