Roof structures

Roof structures for professionals (carpentry, roofing), general constructors, private constructors

Raw material

Lumber, KVH, Glued laminated timber (BSH)

Design and manufacture of traditional and engineered wood structures using CAD/CAM technology

Traditional wooden roof structure – with traditional carpentry joints (family houses, holiday homes)

  • Flat roof
  • Saddle roof
  • Gambrel roof
  • Hip roof , etc.
  • Product design, millimetre-precise tailoring, easy-fast assembly
  • Optimisation of timber use, wood joints, holes, millings prepared in advance

Like all engineering structures, the manufacture and construction of wooden roof structures is based on precise planning.
Based on the architectural and/or structural drawings provided by the client, our engineers will prepare the drawings, and make recommendations for possible modifications to the structural design.

Wood materials:

  • construction-quality pine
  • longitudinally joined KVH, made of industrial beams (spruce)
  • glued, laminated and of visible quality (from pine), impregnating the cut timber if required.
Frequently asked questions
What types of roof structures does the company offer?

- Flat roof
- Saddle roof
- Pitched roof
- Divided roof

What references do you have, what roof structures have you already designed and built?

We are regularly commissioned by both builders and carpenters