Interior doors

Custom interior solid wood doors in furniture quality direct from the manufacturer. Classic, modern look? Choose the door design you like or send us your dream door shape and our experts will look at the possibilities. Design, production, material selection, CNC machining, surface treatment, careful installation. You can count on the Németh-Fa team, our professionals love their work, and this shows in the Németh-Fa products. Made with love and care to add value to your home.

Technical data


42 mm symmetrically arranged 2-layer laminated clampboard core with sawn veneer top. Defect-free, finger jointed or full-length, Class I raw material.


Single leaf hinged, double leaf hinged, sliding and folding doors.

Wood species

Spruce, Scots pine, larch, maple, oak, rustic oak, and beech.


With or without threshold or with automatic door bottom.

Frame structures

Subsequently installed standard frame or box-type frame

Hardware and locks

ELZETT standard key mortise lock, ELZETT safety key mortise lock, bathroom mortise lock with turn knob.

Closing solutions

Lipped (rabbeted leaf), flush with concealed hardware (closing flush with the frame).


A flexible sealing profile in the frame for better noise reduction and airtight closure.

Door leaves

Solid wood filling full-frame door leaf, half-glazed door leaf, fully-glazed door leaf, veneered plywood filling, standard, flush door leaves


4 mm thick patterned glass with several optional colours and textures.

Door handle and escutcheon

They can be selected from catalogue.


Subsequently installed doors are either surface treated, stained and topcoat lacquered, or oil finished.

Wood types


Colours displayed on the monitor may vary due to individual settings, so please check the colour samples in our showrooms before making your choice.


ROTO basic, wide choice of shapes and colours from catalogue, with security push-button or key lock on request.


  • with coated and noble gas filling, aluminium and hot cornice spacer
  • 4-16-4 mm (Ug=1.0 W/m2*K)
  • 4-12-4-10-4 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.8 W/m2*K)
  • 4-18-4-18-4-11 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • 4-26-4-26-4 mm 3-layer ((Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • insulating glass structure; optional cathedral glass in various colours and patterns, anti-burglar, sound-insulating and solar control glass

5-years full warranty

Additional services

Assessment, transport, installation and free professional consultancy by our company’s experts.

Frequently asked questions
Do you manufacture thresholds for interior doors?

Yes, we do manufacture wooden thresholds, but automatic threshold is an option for interior door as well, which is recessed into the bottom edge of the door, invisible, but hermetically seal the gap under the door when it is closed, and the passage between rooms remains unobstructed.

How is the sliding door mounted? What is the bottom guide?

Top rail mounting with bottom guide pin guided design.

How do I maintain my németh-fa interior door?

In order to ensure that your interior doors remain in good working order for a long time, it is recommended that you carry out the following maintenance work once a year:

1.) Check that the hardware and locks are working properly and without problems.
2.) The condition of the bolts that secure the hardware should be checked. Broken bolts should be replaced and loose bolts retightened.