Summary of the “Eco-Construction Basics” Professional Day

On May 24th, the eco construction day was held in Lenti at our company, Németh-Fa. The event featured several outstanding speakers who gave interesting and informative presentations:

  • László Németh: He presented the process from log processing to ecological prefabricated houses and explained the proper installation of doors and windows.
  • József Kárpáti: He introduced the latest trends and types in prefabricated houses and environmentally conscious construction.
  • Péter Bíró: He gave a lecture on the possibilities of carbon-neutral construction using natural building materials.
  • Árpád Borka: He spoke about the sustainable manufacturing and implementation of prefabricated and modular houses using eco-friendly materials.
  • Gergő Radev: He demonstrated the application of modern and natural building materials in contemporary architecture.
  • Árpád Bíró: He conducted a practical demonstration on the use of eco-friendly wood surface coatings.
  • István Polák: He discussed the erection and implementation of prefabricated houses in the Liponyak Residential Park.

During the event, we also began the construction of the 7th house in the Liponyak Residential Park, which participants could view. The factory tour provided insights into the manufacturing processes and construction technologies.

A special thank you to Hilti Hungária Kft. for enriching our event as an exhibitor.