Construma 2024 – Summary: Innovation and Sustainability in Focus

Modern Technologies and Green Solutions at Construma 2024 Exhibition

The Construma 2024 exhibition was once again one of the most significant events in the Hungarian construction industry this year, showcasing the latest technologies, innovative materials, and sustainable building solutions. This year was particularly important for the sector, focusing on environmentally conscious construction and energy efficiency.

30 Years of Innovation: Németh-Fa Kft. Celebrates its 30th Anniversary at Construma 2024

The Németh-Fa booth was truly impressive, featuring our latest advancements in window and door manufacturing as well as timber construction. Visitors had the opportunity to view:

  • Wood-aluminum entrance door: Innovative design that guarantees durability with its external aluminum cladding, while the internal wood surface provides a feeling of naturalness.
  • Panorama sliding door: Large glass surfaces that maximize the influx of natural light.
  • Energy-saving windows: Modern technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing the comfort of homes.
  • Timber house structures: From eco-houses to modular homes, all our structures offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, ideal for modern architectural needs.
  • Knot-free white glazed interior door in pine: Elegant and durable appearance, which in combination with the white glaze treatment provides a modern and bright feeling to the interior, while the knot-free design is impressive.
  • Knot-free rustic interior door in oak: Robust and warm radiance door that combines the natural pattern of oak with fine oil treatment, perfectly fitting into modern or traditional styled homes.
  • Knot-free select oak interior door: Clean and modern appearance, carrying the elegance of selected oak wood, ideal choice for modern architectural environments. The fine, white oil treatment enhances the door’s visual cleanliness.

Looking Forward

Thank you for joining us at the Construma 2024 exhibition. We hope our products have inspired you and that the innovations from Németh-Fa Kft. contribute to the beauty and comfort of your homes.

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