Modular Homes at Németh-Fa

Modular homes, which combine modern convenience and timeless style with eco-friendly solutions, are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Fast Installation: CNC manufacturing technology allows us to produce modular building elements and floors in the factory with millimeter-precise fittings.
  • The pre-fabricated modular elements fit together accurately, and the installation is quick and precise, thus minimizing the environmental impact of construction.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Thanks to wooden structures, blown fiber insulation, and wooden windows and doors, modular homes have outstanding thermal insulation.
  • Foundation: Modular homes can be installed on either screw piles or traditional strip foundations.
  • Due to the transport of modules and the need for craning, easy access to the site is exceptionally important for modular homes. I
  • n designing modular homes, we pay attention to aesthetics and functionality. These homes are characterized by modern interiors, comfortable layouts, and the use of natural materials.
  • For our standard designs and more information, please contact us.