We have started the construction of a residential park in Lenti, creating 16 houses using large-panel construction

We are building a prefabricated large-panel residential park in Lenti, next to the Thermal Bath.

Check out our website for the project: www.liponyaklakopark.hu

Prefabricated Technology, Excellent Quality

The off-site prefabrication extends not only to cutting the framework but also to the complete assembly of wall, floor, and roof panels pre-manufactured at the facility and then assembled on-site. This technology allows for a reduction in on-site construction time since the assembled panels arrive at the construction site with insulation, partial or full cladding. The panels are made in a factory under a roof, thus they are not exposed to weather adversities, guaranteeing excellent quality. Additional wood products (external and internal wooden doors and windows, Swedish flooring, etc.) are also products of our wood industry enterprise.

Quality and Durability

The production of large-panel construction elements occurs under controlled factory conditions, which ensures high-level quality control and uniform quality. The precise dimensioning of the prefabricated panels and the strict monitoring of the manufacturing process result in buildings being constructed with greater accuracy and better structural integrity.

Energy Efficiency

The modern large-panel technology enables high levels of thermal insulation in buildings, significantly reducing energy consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of homes. The insulating materials used in the prefabricated panels and the precise fittings minimize heat loss, thus contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.

About the Location

 The residential park covers an area of approximately 15,000 m², featuring newly built, beautiful family homes with their own internal road, new utility networks, green spaces, and public lighting. The area is located in the city’s resort area, directly by the Liponyak stream and next to the forest, in a peaceful and quiet environment.

The city of Lenti is located in the picturesque Kerka Valley, close to the Slovenian and Croatian borders, 80 km from Graz in a straight line and 100 km from Zagreb. The town is known for its thermal bath, energy park, and the natural-cultural and built heritage of the surrounding regions (Őrség, Göcsej, Hetés), as well as its cultivated vineyards.

The Lenti Thermal Bath and St. George Energy Park are just 300 meters away, within walking distance. The city center is safely accessible within a few minutes by car, bicycle, and on foot. The residential park comprises 16 family homes with four types of uniquely designed house types. The 16 exclusive homes, conceived in four different types, offer not just a new home but a new lifestyle.