Innovation: Németh-Fa and Hilti Hungary Collaboration on the Liponyak Residential Park Projects

We applied the Hilti Hungary HCW connector system and the HILTI PLT 300 laser measurement technology-based tool for the houses being built in the residential park.

More about the residential park:

The collaboration between Hilti Hungary and Németh-Fa made it possible for the Liponyak Residential Park project to be a pioneer in sustainability and modern architectural solutions. During the project, we are utilizing two key Hilti technologies: the HILTI PLT300, which supports precise planning and execution, and the HCW system, which enables a stronger and more reliable connection of structural elements. These technologies have significantly contributed to the efficient construction of the Liponyak Residential Park.

The Hilti HCW connector system, the HILTI PLT300, and HCV technology are construction industry innovations that significantly improve the construction processes of large-panel timber-framed buildings. Here is a brief explanation of how these technologies work:

Hilti HCW Connector System: The Hilti HCW is a specialized connector system developed specifically for large-panel timber-frame construction. This system allows for the quick and secure connection of larger wood panels, thereby reducing construction time and increasing structural stability. The HCW connectors provide a strong, yet flexible connection between panels.

HILTI PLT300: A laser measurement technology-based tool used for accurate and fast engineering planning. This tool allows for precise measurements and adjustments on construction sites, thereby reducing design errors and improving construction efficiency. The PLT300 is particularly useful in large-panel construction, where accuracy is crucial for fitting panels and ensuring structural integrity.