Media Appearance, Hard wood flooring

Our hard wood flooring has also made its debut

Our flooring has also made its debut. We are delighted that the beautiful home of our valued customer was featured in the ‘Vidéki Élet’ (Countryside Life Magazine). The photo shows the Németh-Fa Wood oiled, laminated oak Swedish flooring in rustic quality.

Vidéki Élet magazin

  • Our Swedish floors represent the new generation of traditional wooden flooring, bringing elegance and naturalness to every space. Our range includes oak-made, laminated rustic and select quality floors, which boast outstanding durability and aesthetic appearance.
  • The laminated design ensures the floor’s stability and long life, as the multi-layer structure resists temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. Due to the natural beauty and strength of oak wood, our flooring is not only striking but also extremely durable.
  • Our rustic quality floors highlight the natural features of the wood, such as knots and the richness of grain, which lend a strong character and warmth to any room. In contrast, our select quality floors provide a finer, more uniform appearance with fewer natural defects, making them perfect choices for modern or minimalist interiors.
  • Both types of our flooring offer aesthetic and functional benefits, making them ideal choices for homes, offices, or commercial spaces alike. Our laminated oak floors in both rustic and select quality provide an excellent foundation for any furniture and decoration style, while contributing to the natural ambiance of the rooms.

Photo: Vidéki Élet Magazine