We also manufacture the balcony doors based on unique dimensions and ideas according to our high quality requirements, so you can be sure that they will be the decorations of your Németh-Fa window and door building.

68 mm | 4-16-4 mm
Double glazed
(Ug=1.0 W/m2*K)
78 mm | 4-10-4-10-4 mm
Triple glazed
(Ug=0.8 W/m2*K)
93 mm | 4-18-4-18-4 mm
Triple glazed
(Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
109.5 mm | 4-26-4-26-4 mm
Triple glazed
(Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)

Technical data


68-73-88-93-109.5 mm symmetrically arranged, 3-4-layer laminated scantling from defect-free, finger-jointed or full-length, Class I raw material


a fibre-reinforced, 3-layer flexible sealing profile in the leaf for noise reduction and better airtight closure; double flexible contact for enhanced sound insulation

Hardware, lock

ROTO POWER hinge with reinforced hardware for large leaves and ROTO NX and RO-TO NT Designo (concealed) multipoint locking, corrosion protected standard and safety hardware system allowing flawless operation of the windows, or added security RC1 and RC2 grade hardware system with built-in slot ventilation function
Doors with internal handles and balcony doors with pass-through handles, lockable designs.


with wooden and aluminum threshold


Colours displayed on the monitor may vary due to individual settings, so please check the colour samples in our showrooms before making your choice.


ROTO basic, wide choice of shapes and colours from catalogue, with security push-button or key lock on request.


  • with coated and noble gas filling, aluminium and hot cornice spacer
  • 4-16-4 mm (Ug=1.0 W/m2*K)
  • 4-12-4-10-4 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.8 W/m2*K)
  • 4-18-4-18-4-11 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • 4-26-4-26-4 mm 3-layer ((Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • insulating glass structure; optional cathedral glass in various colours and patterns, anti-burglar, sound-insulating and solar control glass

Drip edge

Covered, thermal bridge free design in silver, white, or bronze colour; window leaf with drip edge or windows on monuments with concealed drip edge, sintered drip edge (of the same colour as the window).


5-year warranty

Additional services

Assessment, transport, installation and free professional consultancy by our company’s ex-perts.

Frequently asked questions
What material is the balcony door made of?

pine, spruce, larch, oak, duo materials and wood-alu finish with aluminium outer cladding

What sizes and shapes are balcony doors available in?

Made to individual sizes and customized.