Solid wood entrance doors are custom made to the shape of your choice, so they will fit perfectly with the style and appearance to your building.
We use CNC technology to ensure that each piece is accurately and evenly machined, and we take great care in the surface finishing processes.

Technical data


68-78-93, 93 mm profile flush-closing and 93 mm profile with standard closing, wood-aluminium, symmetrically arranged 3-4-layer laminated clampboard core with sawn veneer top. Defect-free, finger jointed or full-length, Class I raw material

Optional wood species

Pine, spruce, larch, oak, duo materials or heat-treated wood.

Case structure

  • flush door leaves
  • framed door leaves
  • wood-aluminium

Hardware, lock

Multiple locking, MABISZ approved, keyed and handle operated safety lock; 3D adjustable hinges and added safety accessories on demand: (secondary cylinder, security jamb pins, door viewers, electric strikes, etc.); steel pin and hook security lock and electronic scanning lock


hook security lock with a closing rod running along

Handle, plate

More options: stainless steel, brass, wrought iron, anodised aluminium, steel shield handle


Aluminium threshold without thermal bridges.


For noise reduction and better air sealing, the wing has a fibre-reinforced flexible sealing profile in 2 layers.

Wood types


Colours displayed on the monitor may vary due to individual settings, so please check the colour samples in our showrooms before making your choice.


ROTO basic, wide choice of shapes and colours from catalogue, with security push-button or key lock on request.


  • with coated and noble gas filling, aluminium and hot cornice spacer
  • 4-16-4 mm (Ug=1.0 W/m2*K)
  • 4-12-4-10-4 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.8 W/m2*K)
  • 4-18-4-18-4-11 mm 3-layer (Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • 4-26-4-26-4 mm 3-layer ((Ug=0.5 W/m2*K)
  • insulating glass structure; optional cathedral glass in various colours and patterns, anti-burglar, sound-insulating and solar control glass

5-year warranty

(Magyar) Kiegészítő szolgáltatások

Assessment, transport, installation and free professional consultancy by our company’s experts.

Frequently asked questions
What styles of front doors are available?

You can choose the door shape you like from the 3D drawings and get inspiration from the reference images, but if you have a unique idea, our colleagues can help you to realise it.

What sizes can they provide?

All our products are custom-made to order, so we can tailor the product to your needs.

How long will it take to complete the door?

Within 8-10 weeks after signing the contract.

What colours are available for wooden entrance doors?

Please check the colours on this site. It is important to note that due to screen settings, colours may vary, we recommend you to see our colour samples in person at our showrooms (in Budapest or in Lenti).