Monument-type wooden windows and doors

We use the technical tools of the present to represent the sophisticated forms of the past. It is characterised by individually variable decorative elements, dividers and overlays. Popular solutions for apartment buildings, guest houses and wine cellars. These windows can be installed in both new and existing buildings.

They are technically identical to “plain windows”. The difference is that you can keep the split image, but the section size changes. On the outside, we put carved mouldings on the horizontal casement and on the sill of double-wing windows.

Frequently asked questions
What style of house are decorated wooden windows suitable for?

Decorated wooden doors and windows are usually used in classic style buildings, such as country guest houses or old buildings in big cities. However, many modern buildings are now also requesting decorated wooden doors and windows to create a unique character and atmosphere.

I would like to recreate the old decorative elements on a modern window, is that possible?

Yes, as we make custom products we can design the desired historic style of door/window and manufacture it to your requirements.